That same “Bonito spirit” is also found in the kitchen with no less than seven specialty cooks, led by our Executive Chef Laurent Cantineaux and Chef de Cuisine Ronan Mahe, who will meticulously prepare our iconic dishes for you with love and care.  Bonito is the quintessential fusion of South America cuisine with French gastronomy that is a “marriage on the plate” of ingredients, flavors and very specific traditions.  Our “ ceviches”, “tiraditos” and “Anticuchos”are prepared in the Peruvian way and  have well-deserved places on our menu. Bonito also offers delicious meats cooked to perfection on our charcoal grill, a wide range of salads and homemade pastries and desserts. The menu is extensive and the ingredients are of superior quality, because Laurent and Ronan have only one goal… to satisfy you!

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